Saturday, April 3, 2010

Where did the time go?!

One and a half years has past since I started blogging... and I hate to admit it, but I'm sure you are clearly aware that I have neglected this project. I guess my only excuse is that life happened.

An update in fast forward about what has been going on in my life the past year and a half.. Started my junior year in my new apt, met a boy, fell in love, moved in together, moved to a new apartment (much bigger kitchen, yay!), started my senior year, got a kitten, about to graduate, applying for jobs, moving to a new city, and through it all cooking food.. some good, some bad and sometimes (heaven forbid) from a box or can.

Now about my roommate of almost a year....My boyfriend is a true country boy; steak, potatoes and gravy (don't forget the butter) always make him a happy camper. The first dinner he made me included fried chicken that almost burned down his apartment. Needless to say our tastes don't always match up, especially when it comes to vegetables! To him he doesn't like the texture of most veggies, so it definitely took negotiation and mostly me sneaking them into our meals for a compromise to occur.

The meals I will share include a mixture of collaboration from him and me (he has already explained I HAVE to include his famous tator tot casserole recipe). Plus recipes that are a continuation of my experimenting from past entries.

Oh I forgot to mention, the boyfriend is a hunter and fisherman, so you will get to see my attempt at taming wild game in the kitchen (please pray for me).

Recipes are to come, soon (I promise this time)! But until then a picture of Felix the kitten...

Felix at 2 months old when we brought him home and was still a timid kitten. Now at almost 9 months old his is the most rambunctious little cat I have ever met yet around me he is still a little momma's boy that just wants to cuddle.


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